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I'm experiencing slow speeds, what can I do?
Posted by Dennis Ganchingco, Last modified by Dennis Ganchingco on 31 March 2010 12:20 PM
Level 1 Troubleshooting steps:

1. Power cycle modem

This is just a simple procedure of turning off the modem and leaving it off for 10minutes and turn it back on.

2. Check for Noise on phone

Line noise whether crackling of static can slow the connection speed down.

3. Check cache flow, virus, malware, p2p

Also viruses and other form of malicious activity can definitely slow any downloads. So make sure that you're antivirus and antispyware apps are up to date and that you done a thorough scan of your hard disk.

4. Run speed tests - testmyspeed

go to and record the results and send them to

5. Check for packet loss - Ping tests

In a command prompt (to get the command prompt you need to click on Start -> Run and then type cmd in the field and click OK), type ping and then press the Enter key. Jot down the Ping statistics in an email to preferrably in the same email as the speed tests results.

6. Disable firewall / antivirus

Sometimes even the antivirus/antispyware/firewall applications can hinder the downloads. So trial a speed test with these apps disabled.

6. Disconnect other PCs / Network

If you have other computers connected to your network (modem) as well, turn them off and see if the speeds have improved.

7. Complete isolation test (especially extension cables)

This next step is to eliminate possible interferences of the connection.
i. Remove every device/filters/phones/faxes/back-to-base alarm system/foxtel digital box off from the telephone sockets on the wall. Make sure the only thing plugged in is the modem, and that there is no filter between it and the telephone wall socket.
ii. Run a speedtest and record the results.

8. Check wireless is secure

If your modem is also a wireless router, turn it off and then run a speed test.

9. Try another modem.


These next steps require that you are made aware that if the fault is to be found within your premise or your equipment, then a service fee of $220 is chargeable to you.

10. If any of the above do not help you, then we will have to get our supplier to perform two MLTs (Metallic Line Tests). One when nothing at all is plugged into all telephone wall sockets and the second on is when you just have the modem and phone(with filter) plugged in.

11. Then these results will be forwarded to the service specialists for further investigation and when they have found the fault on their end, they will fix it promptly.

12. Sometimes they require a visit and will need you to be at home. In this case we can make the appointment with you to be home.

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