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TLD Min. Years Register Transfer Renew
.com 1 $44.00AUD $44.00AUD $44.00AUD
.net 1 $44.00AUD $44.00AUD $44.00AUD
.org 1 $44.00AUD $44.00AUD $44.00AUD
.info 1 $44.00AUD $44.00AUD $44.00AUD
.biz 1 $44.00AUD $44.00AUD $44.00AUD
.mobi 1 $44.00AUD $44.00AUD $44.00AUD
.tv 1 $99.00AUD $99.00AUD $99.00AUD 2 $88.00AUD $88.00AUD $88.00AUD 2 $88.00AUD $88.00AUD $88.00AUD 2 $44.00AUD $44.00AUD $44.00AUD 2 $44.00AUD $44.00AUD $44.00AUD 2 $44.00AUD $44.00AUD $44.00AUD 1 $44.00AUD $44.00AUD $44.00AUD
.co 1 $44.00AUD $44.00AUD $44.00AUD
.asia 1 $88.00AUD $0.00AUD $88.00AUD 1 $44.00AUD $44.00AUD $44.00AUD
.cn 2 $440.00AUD $440.00AUD $440.00AUD
.eu 1 $44.00AUD $44.00AUD $44.00AUD
.us 1 $13.20AUD $13.20AUD $13.20AUD 2 $240.00AUD $240.00AUD $240.00AUD

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